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Things don't have to change the world to be important. Steve Jobs

Welcome to FlairTech

Reimagine Your Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee can only be drunk in a short period of time, otherwise it gets cold and awful. Right? Well we at FlairTech are here to change that! We are creating an innovative new way to extend your coffee drinking experience.

A Revolutionary Product

We have created the a super thin portable heated drinks coaster. Take it anywhere plug in through USB and enjoy your coffee or other hot drink for longer!

Our Support

A Proud Young Enterprise Business

We are proud to be a Young Enterprise business, this gives us the tools we need to provide the best product and experience for our customers.

Proud ACG Students

We are also proud to be students at ACG Parnell College, without them this business would have never existed.

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We Need Your Help

We have been working hard throughout the year to make this dream a reality and now we are ready to bring our idea to the public.
Now we need your help so that we can make our first batch of these heated coasters and launch our product.

Be The First To Own Our Product

If you back our Pledge Me with $25.00 or more you can be one of the first to own a FlairTech coaster delivered straight to your door!
There is even a special limited edition version of our coaster if you back with $35.00 or more.

The FlairTech Team:

Olivia Yeo


Henry Rose


Judy Zhu


Franklin Yin


Joanne Chen


Hugo M.



Tested Technology

Our coasters use safe tested technology to generate heat in a safe and controlled way.

USB Powered

Our coasters are powered over micro USB, just plug into any usb port and enjoy.

Long Lasting

We aim to provide a quality product and that means every coaster is built to last.


We use recycled plastics to reduce our impact on the environment.